Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gifts from Bali

Why Bali..? Bali has many of art and traditional handicrafts handmade. All by Balinese people. If you come to Bali, you will never confuse to find a gifts for your friend or family. From Gianyar and Ubud you can easily find Silver handicrafts shop and Painting shop. But even you are not stay in Ubud area, you also can find anything you want in Seminyak area.

When you have a holiday, a gifts is a compulsory thing. From wood handicrafts, bronze handicrafts, painting until stone. All has been in here. Many of choice right? Yeah, this is one of the another interesting from Bali.
Not only from Bali, some shops in Bali also sell any of interesting handicraft from other island like Java, Papua, and many else. All original handmade by people of Indonesia.

All of this make Bali become so perfect for anyone. Holiday and shopping became one. I can guarantee that our price in here is more cheaper than your country. This is because our economy is below of modern country.